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Provide water to the needy

Lets provide clean water to the needy children in the community.

My names is KAYEMBA VICENT ABELL, am caring for 20 children in home and we are 50 in number but 30 children are living with their extended families in the community, our community name is called Kunywa village to get water in our community its very difficult we have to move for 3km to have water and after that we need to move again 3km to our home with water in our small jelecans with my children! we do move in high mountain until we bring water and that takes more time and it makes us sad but as you know that in life you must do whatever needed to do so that you get your goal i do not move alone we move with my children to go for water which helps us to cook and clean clothes,with our bodies. Unfortunately, the water we do get is not clean and not running water at all so we do share that water with the community and animals like cows,dogs which cause diseases to us. we have to collect water one on one with my children and when we come home we do not have any where that can help us to collect the water it means that we have to keep it in jelecans until father notes , but after moving for that long distance children feel sick and much pain in their bodies .
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